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If you have been around the wonderful world of bingo recently, you will no doubt realize that Jackpot City is one of the most prominent names on the bingo “map”.

It’s curious style and friendly nature brings players from all across the globe to try out their unique style, and they can be the perfect place to go to if you need a bit of help and inspiration getting into the swing of bingo and being able to enjoy the game in the right manner. Jackpot City, despite being one of the most prominent names, has gone through a significant revamp in recent times and this new design makes all the difference to ensuring that you can get around the website easier than ever before.

The old interface was a tad clunky and dated, and this new edition makes it so much easier to just get things done and actually see the kind of world that you intended in the first place. The merger with Giggle Bingo has made a big growth in the level of players who are using the site, too, which can make a huge difference to the overall format and quality of the play.

Now with more competition than before, you’ll also find that the scope and quantity of the game has changed entirely too. Now you can get access to 75 and 90 ball bingo, and you will find that the introduction of the brilliant Grapevine room can be the perfect catalyst for some truly hilarious moments.

These new changes – with free bingo now brought in as well – ensure that you can get the kind of bingo experience that you previously needed. This will give you help moving things forward and ensuring that you have a truly epic place to go and play your bingo.

Not signed up yet? Then you should really consider becoming a citizen of Jackpot City. The style and the overall nature of the game makes it incredibly enjoyable to be a part of, and will ensure that you get all the help you could possibly need in taking things that extra step further.

With loyalty points, free bingo tickets and spins and everything else you could imagine waiting for you in terms of nice freebies, too, this is one of the most benevolent bingo cities that you are likely to find online anywhere!