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We all know that, as bingo lovers, the game can get quite addictive and challenging. This can make life much more difficult for you in a whole range of ways, not least causing you to get into the realms of hardship and difficulty along the way. After all, it can become incredibly easy to just lose track of time – and money – and just keep playing game after game. When you get into this frame of mind it can leave you reeling, needing to battle back and get a few wins to claim that money you have spent back.

Not everyone is capable of doing this, though. The beauty of bingo is that it’s all about luck so you can’t really get any kind of system or style that will guarantee you wins at the bingo. This is when you start to see those who believe they have a magic touch losing a huge amount of money – take the recent story of Jacqueline Balaam, 41. She worked as a finance officer for Pembroke College and was found to have stolen a sum of close to £300,000; after spending £6m on online bingo.

She was sentenced to 30 monjacqueline balaamths in prison, according to the Mirror.co.uk. This story takes on a rather interesting twist in that the problems were quite well known and that she had regularly played bingo for many years. She always played her balance – having won £15,000 more than once – and spent more than £324,000 of her own cash over a nine year spell. Whilst gambling addictions are never nice to look at and discover, it’s vital to remember that with bingo the idea of systems and magical formulas is none-existent, so it’s hard to really see how this can happen!

Now you know that it can happen, though, we would recommend taking a little step back from the table or from the website that you use if you find that you are playing a bit too much and noticing your income disappear into a bingo shaped hole over some time.