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For many people, bingo has a traditional set of rules that should not be messed with. For others, though, the world of bingo should be a lot more dynamic. For example, there has been a massive growth in the amount of people who look into 50-ball bingo. It’s a rather new set of rules that you might not be entirely used to but the style and nature of the rules is hugely enjoyable. You will be more used to 75-ball and 90-ball bingo for example, but how many of you have played the super quick world of 50-ball bingo?

It’s a whole new experience that many of us would not have taken on in the past, and one that we would hugely recommend to anyone who wants to play a faster game of bingo. It’s growing huge at the moment across sites like Gala Bingo and Game Village Bingo, and looks set to continue growing and expanding. Because 50-ball bingo moves so much faster to the normal form of bingo, you can go through a game quite quickly and find yourself doing 5-6 games in the time you would have done 3-4 in the past. Without the lightning fast calls and the dabbing, too, it can feel almost entirely different.50 sign

Many other sites are beginning to bring 50-ball bingo into play with things like Bing50, Tombola Bingo and even Reem Bingo. It’s a growing style and something that many of us won’t be used to, so it’s well worth a try if you want to just try something a little bit more enjoyable. it will make your life a whole lot easier if you can turn to something like this and see a big improvement in the overall style, speed and nature of the game in total.

It’s well worth trying out if you aren’t sure where to start in bingo, as it can be a bit easier to grasp than the higher ball games that can feel a tad advanced for those who are just getting into the world of bingo for the very first time.